Solving the problem of terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan is the responsibility of the entire world community and not the United States alone, a senior Obama administration official has said. "There's a genuine recognition that this region and these countries are not simply a concern of just the United States, but instead a concern of the world," White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said on Board Air Force One en-route to London. Similar statements, in this regard, were made by the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, at The Hague during the international meeting on Afghanistan. "The Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) was pleased with what she heard in public and in private about commitments to resolving the concerns that we have in this region of the world," he said. "We all recognize the need to support the people of Afghanistan as they build up their security services, strengthen their economy and institutions, and work with their neighbors to build a safer region," Clinton had told reporters at The Hague. Gibbs said The Hague conference has brought the world together on a platform on this issue. "As you know, the President committed at the beginning of his administration to reviewing our policy -- not simply as one that relates to Afghanistan or one that relates to Pakistan, but one that relates to the region as the whole," he said.