MOSUL, Iraq (AFP) - Eight people were killed in three attacks in the northern Iraq on Tuesday, including seven when a suicide bomber smashed his way into a police compound in Mosul and exploded his truck, police said. Four policemen were among the seven who died in the early morning attack on the police complex in the Al-Bid district of central Mosul were four policemen, said Captain Ahmad al-Sabbawi. Another officer said 17 police were among 38 people wounded in the blast. The suicide bomber tried to enter from the rear (of the complex) but police opened fire and his vehicle crashed into the concrete protection barrier before blowing up, said local police commander Ismail Ahmad.The police post was badly damaged. I fell out of the watch-tower because of the strength of the explosion. I broke my leg and have injured a shoulder, one of the wounded, Saad Fathi, said from his hospital bed. The attack in the countrys second largest city was similar to dozens of others carried out by Al-Qaeda, for whom Mosul is their last urban stronghold in Iraq, according to US military commanders. Later in the day a civilian was shot and killed by unidentified gunmen as he sat in his car in the centre of Mosul while four policemen were wounded when a roadside bomb blew up in the northern part of the city, police said. Despite repeated US-Iraqi operations in Mosul, the city remains under the influence of insurgents and rebels, in part due to a complex Kurd, Sunni and Christian mix but also because of tribal loyalties.