RAWALPINDI - Encroachments along Kuri Road besides dilapidated conditions have turned out to be a nightmare not only for the road-users but also for the residents of Sadiq Abad. Public representatives as well as officials of Tehsil District Administration (TMA) have turned a deaf ear to this persistent problem. The shopkeepers and vendors, despite clear ban from TMA have set up their stuff along with the road. This also creates a hindrance in smooth traffic flow. There is no proper drainage system along with the busiest road as after a little shower of rain the entire road turns into pool of dirty water, which also enters into the home and shops of the people causing damage of precious things and other house holds. Amin Ahmed, a government employee, while talking to TheNation on Monday, said that the road had turned into pieces and many small and big ditches have appeared in the road, which creates problems not only for the pedestrians but also for the motorists. No proper system is being evolved to facilitate the locals and rain exposed the poor drainage system as the streets were presenting a look of ponds, said Mehran Khan, a local resident. Tahir Mehmood, a resident of Kuri road told The Nation that residents of the area were facing lot of problems as slow construction work already causing difficulties for them. Its difficult to even walk in the streets as these are covered by the rainwater and overflowing drainage water. We lodged complaints with the authorities many a time but they are unmoved, he said. Wazir Khan, a shopkeeper at Kuri road, said drains in the area had started overflowing because sweepers dont clean them on daily basis. Many a times overflowing water gushed in our shops inflicting heavy losses. He said customers also avoid visiting shops in this area because of dirty water on the road. Nawazish, a housewife in kuri road, said the condition of streets and drains is very poor in her area, especially, after rain its become very difficult to even come out of houses. The development projects had not completed because of the negligence and tactics of the concerned authorities. The Kuri road needs the attention of higher authority because this area has become a den of mosquitoes and stray dogs also a big challenge for the Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA). Kuri road linked with the important and different sections of the city. It is said that Kuri road is being neglected in the past due to political influence. Resident of these areas demanded of the authorities concerned to solve this problem.