QUETTA - Apprehensions are mounting about the health of UNHCR official John Solecki who has been held in captivity for nearly two months. John Solecki, the head of UNHCRs office in Quetta was abducted on February 2 on his way to work. The Baloch Liberation United Front (BLUF) had claimed responsibility for his abduction. United Nations is deeply concerned over a lack of direct information from his abductors on the condition of John and has reason to believe he could now be very seriously ill, said a statement issued on Tuesday. The UN notes that there has been no information from those holding John for at least two weeks which is extremely worrying. John suffers from multiple health conditions requiring ongoing treatment. His condition is now urgent after two months without proper care. If he is not released immediately to receive proper professional attention in a hospital or clinic his condition is expected to become increasingly serious. We hold the group holding John entirely responsible for his well-being. John should be released immediately, back into the safe care of the United Nations, the statement said.