ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Nomad Art Gallery here Tuesday opened an exhibition of collagraphs, paper works, and light boxes by Ilona Yusuf. The artist has displayed 20 works in a variety of art pieces based on innovative mediums as a way of expression. Collagraph is a method of printing whereby one makes a collage board by gluing objects such as cloth, string, bark, lace, leaves etc to a hard surface, usually mounting board. Moulding paste can also be used to build a surface and deep cuts can be made into the board, said Ilona Yusuf while elaborating her techniques. It is a very tactile process and I found when I began making collagraph plates that one can impart to it a very freehand effect and bring out the qualities or form in objects that one often doesnt look at closely, she added. The finished plate usually has plenty of texture, as a result of the thickness and texture of the materials used. The resulting collection is unlike a series of prints and more like a set of paper-works, as each is unique. About her works of light boxes and lamps, Ilona Yusuf said, I always like the effect of light and have been making lamps and light boxes for several years. Her painting titled Within the leaf is the major attraction of the display in which the artist has used palm bark, skeleton leaves, cloth and string and have also made cuts into the board. A section of exhibition is given to lamps in which the artist has experimented with block and lino prints on cloth, along with hand painted details and washes, using a tree of life motif with embroidered birds. These lamps are titled as Tree of Life; Block print on cotton, hard-paintings, embroidery, Light : Lino print on silk, tea-drying, paint wash, Light; Layered hand-rubbed, prints on burnt paper and others. While her collagraphs are titled as Flow: Handrubbed Collagraph on Burnt Paper, Gravity, Thicket, Within the leaf, Water Holds and others. The exhibition will continue till April 12.