LAHORE - The celebrations with massive aerial firing stretched into length and breadth of Punjab after the restoration of PML-N government in Punjab on Tuesday. Listening the breaking news, jubilant PML-N activists crammed into The Mall, greeted one another, distributed sweets and brought a festive mood on the road. The revellers blocked the road and chanted full-throated slogans Long Live Shahbaz Sharif, Long Live Nawaz Sharif, Long Live PML-N and Long Live Judiciary. Office-bearers of MSF took out rally from Punjab Assembly to Governors House. Highly emotional activists hired drummers and staged 'Bhangradance in an outpouring of emotions. Holding up placards and posters of Sharif brothers, they embraced one another and shared their blissful happiness and warm feelings. A large number of party activists took to streets in different localities and started aerial firing to express their pleasure. PML-N (Women Wing) workers also presented dance to vent their joyful reaction. Workers also offered special prayers of thanks on hearing the news. Wild scenes of jubilation were also witnessed in Gwalmandi. The mood on the streets changed to festivity soon after announcement of restoration of government. The people especially appreciated the timely decision and called it another gift for Sharifs. Traders of different markets, found in high spirit, welcomed the decision and showed their euphoria by distributing sweets. People also shared SMS through their cellular phones to exchange their views over the restoration of Punjab govt. Some people suspected over the development, saying prompt court decision paving way for the restoration of PML-N government in Punjab, signalled something fishy. They apprehended that had decision come after thorough arguments by the counsels of both sides meeting all legal parameters, judiciary could have dispelled an impression that as PML-N supported its restoration, so in reply it will help Sharifs out in all legal matters relaxing rules and favouring them against the real spirit of law. However, lawyers, civil society also celebrated the occasion and flashed victory signs. The supporters showered Shahbaz Sharif with rose petals as they gathered outside Nawazs residence in Raiwind. They greeted Shahbaz Sharif. Shahbaz Sharif was disqualified on 25th February with apex court verdict declaring him ineligible for the assembly membership along with his elder brother Nawaz Sharif.