ISLAMABAD-Students in this academic session would study the same old textbooks as the Ministry of Education has failed to introduce new curriculum of different subjects up to the higher secondary level, TheNation has learnt reliably. The curriculum of 26 subjects had been notified by the provinces and the Education Ministry but could not be translated into textbooks. The responsibility to translate the curriculum into textbooks and further to publish the books falls with the provinces. Whereas the political instability dampened the countrys other areas, education sector is no exception. It is further learnt that after relinquishing the charge by the Lt Gen (R) Javed Ashraf, former education minister, no major development has been made into already done work. The portfolio of the ministry also remained vacant for quite sometime and frequent changes affected the process. The former education minister, Ahsan Iqbal of PML-N had announced that the new curriculum would be implemented in the academic session of April 2009 but the curriculum of the subjects has not been prepared by the Ministry of Education as yet. The provinces have also failed to translate that curriculum into text books. In the 15th Inter-Provincial Education Ministers meeting the Federal Education Minister Mir Hazar Khan Bajrani had requested the Provincial Educational Ministers and representative from AJK, FATA and Northern Areas to prepare the text books by the December 2009 so that the new curriculum could be implemented in a phased manner. The much-talked about new curriculum that had to be implemented from academic year of August 2008 according to the claims by the Musharraf government could not be implemented as the curriculum of 34 subjects out of 60 subjects was yet to be prepared. The former government had gained much credit on this matter making tall claims that the new curriculum had been notified according to the international standards. It was announced that the new National Curriculum would be free of any biases, hate, sectarianism and repetitions. Medical Technology and Computer Science Groups would been introduced in the new Curriculum and the Curriculum had been made compatible with any advance country and the government had decided to update the National Curriculum after every five years to ensure that all new developments were incorporated.