ISLAMABAD - The President respects the courts and their verdicts, attaching high hopes that the restoration of Mian Shahbaz Sharifs Government in Punjab would help improve the political culture of reconciliation. Responding to the Supreme Court of Pakistans stay order, presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar in a press statement on Tuesday welcomed the apex courts order. He says, The PPP accepts unreservedly the SC verdict today staying the Feb 25 decision disqualifying Shahbaz Sharif to hold the office of chief executive of Punjab Province. The government had lifted Governors Rule in Punjab a day ahead of the SC stay order granted to Sharif brothers, paving the way for restoration of PML-N Government in Punjab. The President notified lifting of Governors Rule on the advice of Prime Minister. It is hoped that the restoration of Government in Punjab will take the process of reconciliation forward and help in diluting the bitterness generated recently. Meanwhile, in a statement, Farahnaz Ispahani, Member National Assembly from Pakistan Peoples Party, has congratulated Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of Punjab, over his restoration. She said that the Government of Pakistan and the Peoples Party respect the mandate of PML(N) in Punjab and they welcome the verdict of the court. Since the very outset, PPP leadership is following the approach characterized by reconciliation and taking along all the political forces in order to meet the daunting challenges faced by the country. She further said, We hope that PML(N) would respond positively to the conciliatory approach of the Government and would contribute to evolve a congenial working relationship of the two major parties of the country. The elected leadership of the country, across the political spectrum now needs to focus on presenting a national response to eliminate terrorism and bring the country out of the economic crisis. We have to put people of Pakistan on our priority and solve the problems they face, she said.