LAHORE – As the Federal and provincial governments are yet to decide the posting of the new Inspector General of the Police (IGP) in the Punjab province under uncertain political atmosphere, the most senior officer of the Additional-IG rank is likely to wear the crown, well-informed sources disclosed to TheNation on Tuesday.
“Kalb-e-Abbas (presently serving as the Additional-IGP Traffic police Punjab) is the right candidate since he is the most senior officer with good repute,” a senior official in the Federal government has revealed.
Highly-placed sources said that both the PPP-led Federal government and the PML-N, the ruling party in the biggest province, are unwilling to appoint the new man of their choice, fearing strong resistance from the Opposition parties ahead of general elections. It was also learnt that the government, most probably, would appoint Kalb-e-Abbas as the IGP of the 120,000 strong law enforcing agency till the caretaker set up is decided to ensure transparent elections in the country.
“The caretaker set up will surely adjust right men at right places for fair, transparent, and impartial elections this year. The caretaker set up may ask Kalb-e-Abbas to carry on,” another senior official in Islamabad confirmed to this reporter, when contacted by phone.
According to political pundits, both the PML-N and the PPP are unwilling to appoint new officer to lead the Punjab police amid political instability and threats of long marches in the country as the election 2013 draws near. Interestingly, during the farewell ceremony held to pay tributes to Habib-ur-Rehman on his retirement on Tuesday at the Central Police Office (CPO), many policemen were seen guessing and whispering about the appointment of the new police chief. There were also rumours in the police circles that Zafar Abbas Lak, Aftab Sultan, Khan Baig, and Ahmed Raza Tahir are being considered for the top police slot.
“To my knowledge, Kalb-e-Abbas is the most senior officer among those serving in the province. Abbas is recognised as honest, dedicated and committed professional with great experience of policing,” a police officer commented, and preferred his name not to be published.
The Additional IG, Abbas, is also one of the highly-qualified officers who served on many key postings all over the country.
Insiders say that Kalb-e-Abbas is a neutral person, also seen with respect by all the political parties due to his clean record and professional achievements.