In a famous TV talk show, the host showed Babar Awan an affidavit supposedly written and sent by Aitzaz Ahsan to him for his signature and asked him whether he would confirm the document. Babar Awan responded in affirmative. According to the document, Aitzaz wanted Babar Awan to lie under oath in the ongoing contempt case against the PM. Two points stood prominent in the affidavit;It was poorly drafted with mistakes in spellings and sentences showing lingual weakness of Aitzaz , who is considered to be a heavyweight in the field of documentations. It showed Aitzaz’s professional incompetence in which he willfully tried not only to misguide Babar Awan but also mislead the Supreme Court. In the talk show, Babar Awan looked composed, professional and competent. It is hoped that Aitzaz will respond to the accusations the host of the show threw at him; otherwise another feather of linguistic and professional incompetence will be added to his tilted cap of his dwindling personality. DR. GHAYUR AYUB, London, May 29.