LAHORE (PR) - Hundreds of Trade Union representatives and workers on Thursday staged a protest against the government’s decision of raising the petrol prices and its failure in reviving the Industrial Relation Ordinances 2011 which will expiry on March17th.
The expiry would deny the workers of exercising their fundamental rights of Freedom of Associations and Collective Bargaining available to them since1926 under the Form of Trade Union Act.
The protestors also urged the Government to ameliorate the Social and Economic Sufferings of the People of Balochistan for the elimination of sense of deprivation and control the religious sectarian violence in the country.
This protest was organized under the aegis of Pakistan Workers Confederation . The demonstrators marched in the form of a large procession from Bakhtiar Labour Hall to Luxmi Chowk, carrying Red Banners and National Flags to support their demands chanted slogans.
General Secretary of Confederation Mr. Khursid Ahmed, Niaz Khan from National Trade Union Federation, Ms. Robeena Jameel, Nasir Gulzar, Akbar Ali Khan, Osama Tariq, Salah-ud-Ayyubi, Ch. Khushi Muhammad Khokhar, Altaf Baloch, Muhammad and others were also present at the rally.
By a resolution, the Rally demanded to the Government to take emergent steps for overcoming the serious load shedding causing unemployment to million of workers in the country and reinstate PTCL & KESC workers .