China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a multi-dimensional giant leap is set to accrue far-reaching dividends for Pakistan with massive trickled-down impact to all the federating units including Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
An important initiative of “One Belt and One Road”, CPEC , proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping in calendar 2013, is aimed at building closer connectivity and improve livelihood among the neighbouring states with China, said well placed sources, working with the Economic Corridor venture here Sunday.
Economic Corridor is not just one road or highway, it is rather a comprehensive package of cooperative initiatives and projects which cover diverse spheres including Gwadar port, energy, transportation and infrastructure, which will underpin the economic renaissance and stability of the country , sources added.
The building of the current CPEC in terms of transportation, is based upon the consensus of the two governments of China and Pakistan following the first rendezvous of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor joint working group on transport infrastructure.
The projects of CPEC will be built step by step owing to limited resources and feasibility of operation but with clear focus and emphasis, combined with both long-term plan and early harvest projects.
The current alignment of CPEC is out of thorough and in-depth feasibility studies and will retrieve immense benefits to Pakistan, the sources added continuing, that is why both sides decided to commence KKH phase II, a highway between Multan and Sukkur and some energy projects among others.
Early harvest from these projects, the source pleaded would help accumulate good experience and grist and pave the way for our future cooperation. The purpose of building CPEC is to bring benefits for all people of the country including Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the sources expressed further adding, some projects in these two provinces are actually well under way.
In Balochistan for instance, the building of flagship project of Gwadar port is under way, including eastbay expressway and International Airport. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the KKH Phase II is being advanced. Feasibility studies on upgrading of Main Line I and Havelian Dry Port projects are under way. Both sides have successfully built Gomal Zam Dam, Khan Khawar Hydropower station, Duber Khawar Hydropower Station, the source stated.
Terbela Dam Phase IV is now under construction and projects such as Suki-Kinari Hydropower Station and Keyal Khwar Hydropower station are to be built, the source said further adding, the projects under construction will generate the capacity of more than 9000 MW, which will greatly ease the electricity shortage and bring tremendous benefits to the local people.
The Economic Corridor, a gigantic venture envisages short, medium and long term objectives as well as benefits which would incrementally transform this belt into prosperous and economically sound oasis of this planet, viewed the sources.
Industrial zones as a part of overall economic corridor project will also be established in Pakistan, escalating the pace of development in various fields of the economy. Cordial climate and environs, advanced and fostered by national unity in Pakistan will lend much-needed support and strength to the giant project of economic corridor, remarked the sources.
CPEC , which starts from Kashgar, Xinjiang runs throughout the whole Pakistan, and finally reaches Gwadar Port in the south. Economic Corridor, an imposing project which will cover the populated and major areas of Pakistan, consists of energy projects, transportation infrastructures and economic zones along it.
The construction of these projects will promote the flow of goods, information, and other resources, sources said adding, the Corridor will bring more opportunities for cooperation, more projects in energy and transportation infrastructure sections and a number jobs opportunities to the two peoples.
Joint Cooperation Committee on the Long-Term Planning of Economic Corridor was established by China and Pakistan with three working groups of energy, transportation infrastructure and comprehensive planning, set up in committee.
The Committee so far held three meetings and both sides reached some initial consensus on the planning and construction of the Economic Corridor, based on a host of discussions and consultations, said the sources. All circles in Pakistan, the sources expressed, are expected to fathom the significance of this visionary project and invariably extend support to its accomplishment, working together for a friendly and hospitable ambience of public opinion, which would soon start yielding diverse benefits to the people across the country .