At least one civilian was killed and 15 people were wounded in separate bomb attacks across Baghdad on Saturday morning, an Interior Ministry source said. A roadside bomb went off at a busy intersection in Karradah district, killing a civilian and wounding eight people, the source said. Also in Karradah, a roadside explosion near a police patrol wounded four policemen. In western Baghdad , a roadside bomb struck an Iraqi army patrol in al-Amriyah district, damaging a military vehicle and wounding three soldiers aboard, the source added. Meanwhile, two booby-trapped cars separately struck a bus carrying Iranian Shiite pilgrims at the al-Sadrain intersection in Baghdad 's northern district of al-Shula, and the other detonated in the holy Shiite district of Kadhmiyah in northern the capital, the source said without giving further details about casualties. Insurgents frequently attacked Iranian pilgrims who enter Iraq to visit the holy Shiite shrines and mosques in Iraqi cities. Violence and sporadic high-profile bomb attacks continue in Iraqi cities despite the country's lawmakers approved an agreement that aimed at bringing Iraq's feuding political blocs into a new government led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.