The mobile phone industry is witnessing high growth in Pakistan so much so that virtually everyone has a mobile. We have commonly four big mobile phone companies, which have installed hundreds of telecommunication towers throughout the country to provide their services. The alarming thing is residents in cities are paying a heavy price for having mobile phones sets as they are exposed to cancer and other diseases in the shape of radiation coming out from mobile phone telecommunication towers installed near their residential areas in various cities particularly in Karachi. But experts say the risk of radiation from handsets is low compared to residing near a telecommunication tower. It is understood, that the radiation level coming out from the telecommunication centre is very high in our country as there is no effective system to check the radiation and inform the public about the actual level of rays coming out from the these towers. The question is how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Sindh had issued NOC to the factory being adjacent to the residential area as the society has existed since 1970s whereas the factory was set up in 2004. No one dares to make the concerned agencies accountable. There is also fear that the tall towers may fall down at any time like in an Indian city Chennai where a 50-feet tower fell down. Is there anyone to check how much radiation is coming out and harming the health of the people. I appeal to the govt authorities to inquire into the matter and take necessary action against mobile companies. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, December 3.