WikiLeaks have just exposed the bare truth relating to US diplomatic briefs concerning the political figures of countries other than the USA. Under the law no US state owned agency or employee can resort to propaganda which relates to dissemination of information not based on truth to the American public. The US federal government and the state however can and does keep a lid on sensitive information that can harm their own national interest for a limited specified period of time. In this instance all these WikiLeak reports concerns actual events, discussions and reports submitted by US diplomats of meetings held between US officials, members of Congress and other important dignitaries across the world. Leaks relating to Pakistan should open the eyes of the people of Pakistan, as to how all those so-called leaders from Ayub Khan to the present regime have bartered away our collective national interest to perpetuate their hold on to power. If countries like UAE, which have neither any military significance, or international political clout interfere in our internal politics, it is because all those who matter in Pakistan, be they politicians, khakis, bureaucrats or traders, have a large chunk of their assets located in UAE and hence the influence on our internal political affairs. From Musharraf, to Zardari, to Nawaz Sharif, Asfandyar Wali, Ch Shujaat, most of our so-called paid establishment, few media barons etc, have their undeclared assets located either in Gulf, Europe, America or Canada. How can we expect these people to stand up and defend our national sovereignty? Compare the contents of WikiLeak disclosures relating to Pakistan to those concerning India, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Vietnam etc and the point I am making will be amply clear. If those who play a role in policy making decision of Pakistan have no stakes in this country, than our national interests, sovereignty and respect will always be compromised. As long as rampant corruption is not curtailed and ethics are not enforced in politics and bureaucracy, nor is there accountability and rule of law, our self esteem and sovereignty stands to be compromised. SYED IJAZ, USA, December 3.