ISLAMABAD - Coca Cola has launched its latest campaign Coke Cricket Junoon that is all about celebrating the passion and love that Pakistanis feel for cricket as a nation. Pakistanis are mostly Cricket Junooni by birth, and this is a celebration of crazy cricket fans, without which the game is nothing The highlight of cricket matches is not just the scoreboard or stars, but the fans who are the real heroes of the game. Although the upcoming World Cup matches are not being played in Pakistan, yet the Coke has shown its spirited point of view in life and found a way for the whole nation to be with the team to support the green kits. Cricket Junoon Movement launched at the Forman Christian University lawns, featured purpose-built booths where fans recorded brief messages and posed for pictures. Coke Cricket Junoon booths are also going to be installed in major cities and a Junooni float lead by Abdul Jalil, fondly known by cricket fans the world over as Chacha Cricket , will travel around the country as well. Fans can go to those Junoon booths and have their pictures taken. At FCU on Friday, students flocked to the booths with great zeal. The nationwide junoonis personalised goodwill messages, will be put together to compose a huge photo mosaic flag. A selected fans army led by Chacha Cricket will carry the flag to Sri Lanka to be unveiled at Pakistans first match and will be the unprecedented representation of sport loving Pakistani fans.