LAHORE An exhibition of photographic work 'Hidden Treasures of Pakistan: Ormara, Baluchistan by Mariam Mahmud was opened at Nairang Art Gallery on Friday. About 28 pieces of photography having natural beauty of Pakistani coastal city Ormara were displayed in the exhibition. A large number of art lovers visited the sight and admired the artist for her marvellous work. Mariam Mahmud, the artist, said Pakistan had a lot of natural beauty. She said the purpose of the exhibition was fund raising for the flood affectees. The exhibition will remain open till December 10. Another arabesque work exhibition by Morroccan Artifacts was also opened at Nairang Art Gallery. More than1000 pieces of craft work including decorated mirrors, vessels, furniture and doors were put on display. Majid Siddik, the artist, said the work depicted the Islamic art. He said all the work was hand made.