LAHORE - Now the modus operandi of dacoits has changed completely as a large number of reported incidents especially with women show that none of the bandits has any fear of police and other law enforcement agencies, TheNation has learnt. Three various incidents that took place in different parts of the city reveal complete failure of the police as the dacoits managed to deprive two female teachers and one journalist of their valuables in broad daylight. The time period of such 'peaceful dacoity incidents is very important as these incidents take place after 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm and late evening, the time when the most of the housewives pick their children from various educational institutions. In the first incident, two unidentified bike riders signaled a woman Anjum Noreen, an art teacher in Iqbal Town LDA School, on October 4 in front of house no-315, F-Block, Johar Town, when she was on the way to her home after picking her son Wali Shahzad from LDA School at about 2:25 pm. One of the riders attracted my attention saying my dupata was stuck into the vehicle-door, she said. Anjum said when she stopped her car (LZN-3541) a man sitting behind the first person held her hostage at gunpoint and demanded jewelry including six rings and six bangles of gold and peacefully managed to flee from the scene. Syed Shahzad Ghayasul Din Mehmood, husband of Anjum, said even her spouse and son Wali Shahzad provided sketches of the dacoits to an ASI Mozafar Islam of Johar Town police station but none of the bandits was apprehended so far. In the other incident, one dacoit signaled Naheed Anwar, a teacher in Society Public School of Mughalpura when she was just to enter her home (05) in Chaand Street, Tajbagh, after picking her three kids from school on November 26 at about 2:30 pm. The dacoit stopped his bike just beside me while I was sitting in the car along with my kids, and told me that oil was leaking from my vehicle. Meanwhile, he held me hostage on gunpoint and asked me to over my jewellery to him, she added. First I wanted to resist but he straightened his pistol at my children, compelling me to surrender, she further said. Resultantly, the woman handed him over two big bangles, a gold chain and her earrings. After receiving the gold ornaments, the accused peacefully managed to flee from the crime scene. It is pertinent to add that the area where this incident took place has only three entry/exit points in the society. In a third incident, one dacoit requested a journalist, Jawad Raza Awan, to park his vehicle (LEH-4436) properly in Model Town F-Block on November 25. He held me hostage on gunpoint and demanded mobile and cash, Jawad said. According to the victim, after depriving him of Rs 10,000 and a cell phone, the accused along with his accomplice standing behind his car fled the scene peacefully without any fear. After lapse of eight days, none of the accused was arrested despite the FIR (505/10) was registered with the Model Town police station.