ISLAMABAD (APP) - The newly-elected President of the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) Syed Kaleem Imam on Friday said the federation had prepared a four-year plan for promoting tennis in the country. Provision of better training to junior players and a strong transparent system for utilising the talent in right direction can only raise the standard of tennis in the country, he said. He said under the plan, the performance of the federation would be reviewed and such measures would be taken that everyone would feel a positive change. We aim to hunt the hidden talent to make tennis a popular game of our country, he said. Kaleem Imam, who is also Inspector General of Police Islamabad, said much more was needed to improve the existing infrastructure of tennis. We have to encourage our players and for that it is necessary they should have all necessary facilities. He said that for lifting the standard of the game, the federation would hold tournaments at the grassroots level. We will hold events at the school and college level from all over the country and would try to get sponsorship for that, he said. He was confident that the active working of the PTF would help it get sponsorships for holding different events in the country. He said he had asked the newly-elected office-bearers of the PTF to play their active role in this regard. He said the PTF would seek guidance and suggestions from well-known tennis players and those who wished to see the country at the height of glory. Their recommendations for raising the standard of the game would be given due consideration, he added. The federation gets an annual grant of Rs 1.2 million. This amount is too little to participate in international events or holding them at home, he said. However, he said the PTF had been citing the lack of resources in the past as the main hindrance in promotion of tennis in the country but it would not happen now. Our four-year plan envisage sponsorship from multi-national organisations, banking sector and mobile companies. This will help us to obtain the services of qualified coaches for polishing the talent of our players, he said. He said the Pakistan Tennis Federations website would also be launched soon where the fans would be able to get the latest news and updates about the sports. He also appreciated former PTF President Dilawar Abbas saying that in his tenure, he had been making efforts for the promotion of the game. He said a ceremony and banquet would soon be arranged in his honour.