LAHORE - Pakistans bronze medal winner in the Asian Games snooker Sharam Changezi event and a member of women cricket team Nida Rashid Dar were approached by fraudulent people who tried to get money from them in the name of advance tax for prize. Pakistan Snooker and Billiard Association (PBSA) chief Alamgir Sheikh said he received a phone call from someone posing as a ministry official and sought the number of Sharam Changezi, which was given to him. Later, Sharam got a phone call and the caller posed as an official of a federal ministry. Saram was told that a car was to be awards to him for winning Asian Games medal. The caller asked the player to deposit Rs 200,000 as advance tax for a car which they said would be handed over at an award giving ceremony. Sharam shared this with his mates and they contacted the respective ministry. The relevant officials said they were not aware of any such award. Meanwhile, Pakistans star woman cricketer Nida Arshad, who gave all round performance in the final of the Asian Games cricket event, received a suspicious call where she was asked to pay in advance the tax amount of a car. She shared the news with her brother who got it confirmed from the relevant quarters who were unaware of any such award. Saram and Nida have not filed any police report as yet. It is worth a mention that Pakistan squash player Aamir Atlas was victim of a similar fraud in Karachi and he paid Rs 200,000 on receiving such a call. He later complained to police and an inquiry was launched. No culprits have yet been arrested. The criminals were probably emboldened by Aamir Atlas incident and now they are trying the same on every medal winners. The incident has to be investigated as national heroes are being targeted.