ISLAMABAD The Defence Committee of the Cabinet (DCC) affirmed the strong commitment of the Government and people of Pakistan to defend the countrys honour, dignity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity for which all the requisite steps would be taken including the strengthening of strategic and conventional capabilities of the countrys defence forces. The DCC meeting held here at Prime Ministers House on Friday afternoon under the head of PM Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani deliberated on global and regional developments that were impacting on the peace and security of the country. The DCC also expressed full solidarity and support of government and people of Pakistan for the just struggle of the Kashmiri people for their inalienable right of self-determination, as prescribed in relevant UN resolutions. The DCC reviewed the security challenges faced by Pakistan and expressed satisfaction on the defence preparedness. It also took stock of the challenges faced by terrorism and expressed satisfaction on the anti-terrorism and law enforcement actions undertaken by the security forces. It was decided to prosecute with full vigour the counter-terrorism campaign. The Committee renewed the Governments resolve to eliminate terrorism and effectively foil the nefarious designs of the enemies of Pakistan . The DCC reviewed the global and regional situation and, in particular, recent developments pertaining to South Asia and Afghanistan. The DCC reaffirmed Pakistans desire to promote strategic stability in South Asia; the importance of maintenance of regional balance; and just resolution of all outstanding issues. The DCC also underscored the importance of establishing good neighbourly and cooperative relations with India on the basis of equality, mutual interest and mutual respect. The DCC considered the NATO Lisbon Summit decision relating to Afghanistan and emphasized the importance of early restoration of durable peace, security and stability. It expressed Pakistans full solidarity and support for the historic endeavours of the Afghan people and government in this regard. The DCC underscored the importance of Prime Ministers forthcoming visit to Afghanistan, which will contribute to further broadening and deepening of comprehensive cooperation between the two brotherly Islamic countries. Earlier in his opening remarks Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani welcomed the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Gen Wynne and also wished Gen Kayani every success in his new term. He further appreciated the role of the Armed Forces and other organisations in the recent floods and lauded the role of all the three services for quickly responding to the call of National Disaster Management Authority in carrying out rescue and relief work. The Prime Minister also lauded the role and contributions of the Armed Forces and the law enforcing agencies for successfully confronting the threat to internal security posed by terrorism. Our success in meeting these challenges, he said, once again illustrates the tremendous resolve and resilience of the people of Pakistan and the strength of Pakistans institutions. Prime Minister said that being a peace loving country Pakistan was consistently striving for regional peace and stability but at the same time the country could not stay aloof to countrys defence for which the government and people of Pakistan were ready to render any sacrifice. The Prime Minister said that despite best efforts, their quest for a just and durable peace in South Asia has so far proved elusive. Indian Occupied Kashmir is again on the boil with indigenous resistance of Kashmiri people to Indian occupation, he said and added that in these circumstance Pakistan would continue to follow its policy of extending full moral, diplomatic and political support to the Kashmiri brothers and sisters. The Prime Minister said that while there are challenges, there are also tremendous opportunities. Pakistans domestic and external policies need to be crafted skilfully with a view to ensuring the protection and promotion of Pakistans national interests and the aggregation of Pakistans national strength. The multiplicity and the size of challenges to our national security, he said, demand that we may have to make a departure from our traditional thinking and look for out of box solutions and alternate strategies. He reaffirmed that the nation has potential and resilience to face these challenges up front and come up to the aspirations of the people in the country. The Prime Minister while briefing the participants of DCC on his recent visit to Dushanbe to participate in the Heads of Government meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) said that the essential purpose was to associate Pakistan with this important regional cooperative endeavour that holds not only great promise for the future of the peoples of our region but is also critical to global peace, security and prosperity. The most notable outcome of the meeting he said, was the decision to enable Pakistan , among other observers, to fully participate in the SCOs economic, trade and development agenda. He referred to his meetings in Dushanbe with the heads of delegations including the President and the Prime Minister of Tajikistan, Prime Ministers of Russia, China and Kazakhstan as very useful and encouraging. He further gave details of his discussions with these leaders. He also sought views of the participants of DCC on his upcoming visit to Afghanistan. Earlier, Secretary Interior, Secretary Foreign Affairs and Secretary Defence briefed the participants of the meeting on Internal Security issues, Foreign Policy contours and Defence related matters. It was felt that the capacity of law enforcement agencies has to be further improved while the foreign relations should focus on developing economic linkages. The Prime Minister directed that the committee would meet once in each quarters of the year to deliberate on all facets of the national security as these are unabatedly under a constant flux. The Prime Minister reiterated the countrys commitment to safeguard the sovereignty and integrity of the state and for which each and every Pakistan was ready to willingly render highest sacrifice. The meeting was attended by Defence Minister, Interior Minister, Finance Minister, Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee and the three services Chiefs. Agencies add: The Defence Committee of the Cabinet while condemning the release of WikiLeaks diplomatic cables has said that the revelations attempted to harm the image of the country, reported a private TV channel, quoting its sources.