LAHORE-The PPP newly nominated Punjab President, Imtiaz Safdar Warraich on Friday showed his determination to form his partys government in Punjab , while claiming that PPP had enough vote-bank in the province to materialize this objective. The PPP leader, however, had the realization that it was a difficult task requiring persistent efforts by party men. While addressing party workers and office bearers at Hameed Nizami Hall, the PPP leader said he had been tasked by party Co-chairman, Asif Ali Zardari to organize the party at gross roots level and bridge the gap between the workers and the leadership. A diehard PPP worker, Safdar Warraich hails from Gujranwala, and is also holding the portfolio of state minister for communication besides his new assignment as partys Punjab president. Office bearers of partys Punjab organization, Sami Ullah Khan, Dr. Fakhruddin Ch, Dr Hasnaat Shah, Usman Saleem Malik, Iqbal Sialvi and Rao Yasir Iqbal were prominent on the occasion. Warraich claimed that PPP had enough vote-bank in Punjab to form its government; but there was need to capitalize it through better coordination among party cadres and mobilization of workers, especially the diehard and alienated ones, who, he added, would be brought back into the mainstream to benefit from their experience. Imtiaz said the forces that martyred party founder Z.A Bhutto and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, did not allow the PPP to form government in Punjab after 1977 through different machinations. Following important revelations made by former ISI chief Lieu Gen (r) Hamid Gull, it was an open secret which forces had been behind the move to keep PPP off power in Punjab , he added. He was confident that PPP will form its government in Punjab after 2013 general elections. Spelling out his priorities regarding reorganization of his party in Punjab , he said he intended to boost cooperation between PPPs parliamentary party in Punjab Assembly and partys Punjab organization by holding their joint sessions frequently. He was of the view that it would not be possible to galvanize the party unless all party cadres and the elected representatives work together and make coordinated efforts to achieve the set targets. He said he was a worker and wont hesitate to knock at the doors of estranged party workers who had been consigned to oblivion since long. Safdar also vowed to end groupings within the party, saying he did not belong to any particular group. I am in PPP group only, he asserted. The PPPs Punjab President was critical of PML-N leadership for what he called its dual standards in politics. He alleged that PML-N left the federal cabinet after it realized that countrys financial situation was bad and it would be better to quit the government instead of facing the challenges of a weak economy. Safdar said that the then Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar is on record having said after taking oath of his office that national kitty was empty. He said restoration of deposed judges was not the real issue which made the PML-N to leave federal government. He told the audience that PPP government wanted to restore all deposed judges including Iftikhar Muhammad Ch after retirement of Justice Hameed Dogar as there could not be two chief justices at the same time.