Brigadier Sajjad , who was head of Pakistani delegation in the Border Flag meeting held in Afghanistan province of Kandahar on 20 Sept 2009, said that Quetta Shura does not exist while US is prey of rumors. WikiLeaks documents reveals here on Saturday that during Border flag meeting held on 29 September 2009 in Kandahar in which Brigadier Sajjad led Pakistani delegation said that more than 80 check posts have been set up in Quetta and if Taliban were present there then the security forces would have known about it. It is noticeable to mention there that it was the first meeting which was attended by representatives of American Strike Brigade, Canadian Task Force Kandahar officials, Afghan border police and Pak Army. Commander task Force Kandahar BG Nathon presided the meeting. Brigadier Sajjad said that proof of entry of Taliban in Afghanistan via Pakistan are insufficient. The documents further say that Canadian leaders present in the meeting were desired to make further steps regarding border cooperation including surveillance of truck transport, installation of satellite telephones and provision of new facilities. Deputy Commander Afghan border police zone-3, Colonel Sharif was desired that the index of goods seized by Black Water including 20 radio, 450 meter wires, 800 detonators and 82 detainees, should be presented in the meeting. When Colonel Sharif proposed to conduct join operation on Afghan border to boost ties between both the countries then Nathan reminded him that the aim of the meeting is to make better communication, so proposals should be given in this regard. The attendants of the meeting decided that the next Border flag meeting would be held on 17 November in Chaman, area of Balochistan and fresh report of JBCC would be presented in the meeting. WikiLeaks documents further reveal that Pakistani delegation comprised 8 members including 3 from Pak Army and 5 from FC. Brigadier gave the impression that whenever he talks about Taliban and terrorists support of Islamabad was with him.