The Executive Director of Kashmir Centre Washington, Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai , has said that the Kashmir dispute should be resolved according to the United Nations resolutions which has been agreed by both Pakistan and India. According to Kashmir Media Service, Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai while delivering a lecture at the Alexander Hamilton Center in New York University said that India's intransigent behaviour had delayed the implementation of the UN resolutions to settle the dispute. He said that the resolution of Kashmir was possible through tripartite talks among Pakistan, India and the real Kashmiri leadership. "The settlement of the dispute is vital to the peace and stability in South Asian region," he added. Dr Fai said that India's historical rejection of a mediator to resolve the Kashmir conflict was a source of enormous dejection. He recalled that the President, Barack Obama, had pledged to appoint special envoy on Kashmir but the promise had not been materialised so far. Emphasising the appointment of a person of an international stature like Bishop Desmond Tutu to facilitate negotiations on Kashmir , he said that Indian troops were killing the innocent Kashmiris with impunity across the occupied territory. He said that the troops were not even sparing the Kashmiri children.