KARACHI - Street criminals deprived The Nation Bureau Chief Zamir Sheikh of cash and other valuables, including important documents, on Friday evening. As per detail, the said incident occurred at the busiest area of Guru Mandar, where the important offices and noted worship places are situated while the large number of law enforcement personnel are also deployed there in order to control any untoward situation. Sheikh, on the time of the incident was on his way from Guru Mandar to Al-Asif Square, just took the bus of route No 4-L, and after few minutes, unidentified pickpocket deprived him of the cash of Rs 7,000 with valuables and some important cards including office card, accreditation card and personal identity cards etc. It is pertinent to mention here that Karachi has become a heaven for the street criminals and they are committing unlawful activities with the presence of law enforcement agencies, while the senior police high-up despite tall claims to curb the street crime, have failed to halt this worst law and order situation in the metropolis.