The recent reports by wikiLeaks have caused a confusion among the political leaders of Pakistan. Only Imran Khan has escaped from this mess of secrets which shows how good he can be to prove himself as a leader of the people. The report which reads, Imran Khan is the only leader out of American influence shows his ability to work as a genuine leader who is loathe to accepting dictation from America. He believes in making Pakistan a truly independent country with no American interference. Unfortunately, we have not tasted the flavour of independence in true sense of the word and we are frequently made to work as a salve of America unwillingly by the general public and willingly by the 'corrupt, dirty and dangerous politicians. Imran Khan, the person whose name is always on someones tongue in good sense can steer this country out of the current crisis. Winds of change have started to blow across the country especially in Punjab and Imran Khans supporters are gathering in greater numbers on the streets. Given the revelations, these dirty and dangerous politicians should be booted out from the democratic polity. They have no place at all in Pakistan. They have exploited the country and its people. So lets bring a positive change and hand over the reins of the leadership to a genuine and honest leadership. HAIDER ALI, December 3.