ISLAMABAD - Pakistan is not feeling the same warmth in its ties with some of its brotherly Muslim countries it used to enjoy sometime back in the past. First, it is the UAE that pledged its support to Indias bid for permanent UNSC membership, secondly, Syrian president stepped forward and announced his support too, for the same. Pakistan is deeply concerned and disappointed by the UAE and the Syrian announcements of support to the Indian bid for becoming member of the UN elite club, said the sources. Quoting some politicians and higher government officials, Islamabad-based diplomatic sources told The Nation that Pakistan was not happy with Islamic countries support to Indian bid for a permanent seat in UNSC. It is important to mention here that Pakistan , following the US President Obamas support to Indian bid for a permanent seat in the UNSC, made it loud and clear that it (the support) would complicate the process of expanding the UNSC and increasing the number of its permanent members. Pakistan believes that India should not be supported in its bid to acquire a permanent seat in UNSC for its bad record on human rights and unsatisfactory relations with its neighbours. However, Pakistani politicians and senior government officials were shocked to see the Muslim countries like UAE and Syria tilting towards Pakistans archrival India, the sources further said. Pakistanis are under the impression that Pakistan has always supported Arab countries during their tussle with Israel, so Arab countries decision to support Indian bid for a permanent seat in UNSC was like a slap in the face of 170-million Pakistanis, sources further told The Nation. Foreign Office has stated that endorsement of Indias bid for permanent membership of the UNSC would add to the complexity of efforts to revamp the world bodys most powerful organ. Pakistan claimed that despite Indias aspirations for recognition as a global power, there were reasons enough to discredit this proposed direction of the process of UNSC reforms such as Indias conduct in relations with its neighbours and its continued flagrant violations of Security Council resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir.