LAHORE Tens of thousands of faithful gathered at the second day of the largest annual Tableeghi congregation on Friday at Raiwind City. Being Friday, the highest ever number of people including the locals assembled at the venue to offer their Friday prayers led by a prominent cleric from India. Earlier, a number of prominent Tableeghi moots stalwarts delivered their sermons. They said that the present turmoil and hardships on the Muslims were due to visible deviation from the teachings of Holy Quran and Sunnah. 'We have involved ourselves in collective sins and follies consciously or unconsciously and are drifting away from the Islamic values of truth, justice, righteousness, piety, tolerance, accommodation, human rights etc, they added. They said due to these things the Muslims were facing the wrath of Almighty Allah. 'The panacea of our ills is to seek forgiveness of Almighty Allah and resort to our fundamental duty to obedience of Commandment of Almighty Allah and follow the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah, they added. The renowned Ulema further urged the Muslims to unite across the world as this was the only way to oppose evil forces. According to sermons, the aliens were moving forward to demolish the identity of Muslim Ummah by pumping Jewish-concocted thoughts among the Muslims . 'The aliens are conspiring against the unity of the Muslims . They wish to change our beliefs, faiths and Islamic norms, they remarked. The sermons further read: 'the Muslims should also avoid deviation from realities of the religion of nature, which is not other than Islam. They said, Islam, is the only religion, which stresses upon the human being to spend his life in accordance with the righteousness and tolerance. 'Islam is a peaceful religion, where there is no place of aggression, cruelty and terrorism, they said and ,added, Islam teaches us to follow the golden principles of Almighty Allah and the sayings of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). The Ulema from India also stressed upon the Muslim Ummah to follow the golden codes of equality, brotherhood and righteousness. They said each Muslim is like a unit and a bond of a chain, which will never be broken and never could be broken till the last decision of Almighty Allah would be proven true and the entire world converge at single ground where the Almighty Allah would award the pious while punishing the sinners. They urged the Muslims to purify their beliefs and faith from the impurities of evil forces. Earlier, the Lahore Police continued extra security measures to guard the faithful. The local security arranged by the organisers were equipped with the simple clubs instead of arms but they established discipline amicably and the participants obeyed them gently. Saturday (today) is the third day of the second largest congregation after the Haj in Saudi Arabia.