LAHORE Worst traffic mess erupted here at Davis Road on Friday afternoon following dozens of angry protesters gathered outside Lahore Press Club to denounce the murder of a 30-year-old woman victim of domestic violence, demanding the Chief Minister Punjab to rush to spot to listen to their grievances against the police. A good number of family members, relatives and local residents from Millat Park area blocked the road by putting the dead body of Jamila Bibi, who was set ablaze by her in-laws about 40 days ago, in front of the press club. The protesters also set the tyres on fire and disrupted the traffic flow in the busy locality during rush-hours for no less than four hours. The police officials diverted the traffic towards already packed roads, multiplying the miseries of the motorists who remained trapped in the traffic jumbles for hours. The angry protesters also chanted slogans against the officials of Chief Ministers Cell and police for patronizing the killers and forcing the victim family not to pursue the case against the influential persons. They said that Baqir Hussain, the Coordinator of the CM Punjab, and the police concerned managed to ensure pre-arrest and post-arrest bails of the killers by distorting the facts registered in the FIR. They also said that the killers are again at large and the police officials were also threatening them of dire consequences, forcing them to withdraw the case. The protesters said that her husband Kamran along with his family members set Jamila Bibi on fire by sprinkling petrol over her body on October 17, 2010. She was admitted to the Mayo Hospital with 80 per cent burn injuries, where she succumbed to wounds on early Friday. They said that husband of the deceased wanted to contract second marriage with one Nabila Bibi, owner of a beauty parlour. Therefore, he finished the episode of his first wife to clear his way. Heavy police contingents including senior officers reached the spot and tried to disperse the angry mob but to no avail. The protesters laid down in front the police vehicles and demanded the Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif to reach the spot and ensure them justice. However, senior police officers held a series of negotiations with the protesters and ensured them that the case would be reinvestigated and the culprits would be punished according to the law. The police managed to clear the road for traffic after no less than five hours long hectic efforts.