KARACHI - The Sindh Home Department has proposed a scheme for establishment of computerised arms license management system in all the districts of the province, officials told TheNation on Friday.
In collaboration with Nadra, the department had already established a Computerized Arms License Management System in Karachi, which envisages personal appearance of the applicant at centre for data entry, photograph and thumb impression.
The very first system for computerised licensing of arms was inaugurated in Karachi during the tenure of Dr Zulfiqar Mirza as home minister of Sindh . The authorities believed that the issuance of computerized licenses of arms as the first step towards elimination of illegal weapons in Sindh and it would help curb the lawlessness.
During the inauguration of the system, the Sindh Home Department authorities while described the system initially as a gift for the citizens of Karachi under which 30 licenses per day will be issued and its per license fee would be Rs4,500, while later the facility will be expanded to the other districts of the province.
In this context, the Home Department has proposed the scheme to replicate the computerised arms license management system in all the districts of Sindh . For which, the department has forwarded a scheme with estimated cost of Rs96.2475 million for next budget of financial year 2012-13.
The department has submitted the proposal to the Sindh Assembly’s Standing Committee for Home Department, which will discuss and approve the budget proposals of the department. According to the proposal, the scheme would be expanded to the all districts of the Sindh province. The department in its proposal while quoting the Nadra’s estimate said that each site will cost Rs12, 701.000.
Once the scheme is approved and funds made available, an agreement with Nadra will be signed. Thereafter the system will be installed approximately in six months. However, the department had sought Rs96.2475 million for the project.
The expenditures required for the project showed that Rs1.8 million was needed for local server with backup, Rs900,000 for administrator, payment confirmation station, token, scanning, data entry, camera, printing, delivery, recommendation & approval and quality assurance station.
Similarly, Rs4.1 million required for token printer, scanner, digital, digital camera with stand, network switch 24 port, booklet printer, biometric reader, booklet laminator and other things. At least Rs1.8 million has been estimated for infrastructures, which includes standby generator, local area network and wide area network infrastructure.
The department has estimated another proposed expenditure of Rs3.5 for project management services and system development & implementation.
Home Department officials said that people had acquired numerous weapons on single license which needed to be cancelled the practice should end. For which, the home department had suggested strict action against people found with invalid licenses, even the sentence for such a crime will be 7 to 14 years in jails, they added.