LAHORE - The PML-Q’s political partnership with PPP seems to be in danger as many leaders of the junior coalition partner are shaky about contesting next elections in alliance with the PPP , The Nation has learnt.
Though desirous of revision to the seat adjustment formula agreed with the PPP , the Q League might eventually follow the already set prescript if the PPP shows inflexibility amid threats of more defections ahead of the general elections. Only a day before MQM, another important partner of the ruling alliance, had expressed its resentment at what they said chauvinistic and prejudiced attitude of some PPP leaders and set preconditions to their future talks with the PPP . This led some observers to believe that MQM could be going to divorce the alliance ahead of the elections.
PML-Q sources told this correspondent on Sunday that many of the party leaders were opposing continuing partnership with PPP fearing evaporation of the remains of the PML-Q in Punjab. Though uncertain about the future of their partnership with the PPP , the PML-Q leaders said the party would follow the already set seat adjustment formula if it carries on the association.
PML-Q central spokesman Senator Kamil Ali Agha, when contacted, said, “No new formula of seat adjustment with the PPP is on the cards and the already set formula will be pursued.” Party’s general secretary in Punjab, Chaudhary Zaheer-ud-Din, also said the same thing.
When asked about revision of seat adjustment plan for the constituencies of PML-Q deserters, Zaheer, who is also part of PML-Q’s electoral strategy in Punjab, said, “No revision is needed for any reason and the PML-Q will launch candidates according to the set formula.”
However, he said local adjustments could be allowed to the party candidates keeping in view the political necessities of any constituency. The veteran politician from Faisalabad said that political dynamics keep on changing in the province and no politician could ignore this vital fact.
Some other senior PML-Q leaders who requested not to be named said that going along with the PPP would damage the party in the next elections and the top leadership should read ‘writing on the wall’ about the fate of the PPP .
They informed that many of their southern Punjab colleagues belonging to the PPP desire to take solo flight in the next elections keeping in view their local political compulsions. In this case, they might not get the PPP ticket if the PML-Q continues the partnership; however, such PPP leaders would enjoy the complete support of the party as independent candidates.
They added that some of the PML-Q leaders would also contest elections as independent candidates owing to their political needs with covert support of the party and again such PML-Q contenders would enjoy the support of the party. They said, “If the party has to continue partnership with the PPP , the party high command and its team planning an electoral strategy for the next polls should come up with a line of action to end confusion among the party leaders who have planned to quit.”