RAWALPINDI – The rising number of unqualified dentists and quacks is going unnoticed in Rawalpindi city while they are playing with the citizens’ health and lives and most of the people have been deceived by them.
The citizens complaints that several areas of the town particularly congested areas are the hub of the quacks. The citizens have demanded the authorities concerned to take strict action against quacks and unqualified dentists, who are risking lives of the people in various localities of the city.
Altaf Mahmood said that many areas of the city have been neglected in the anti quackery campaigns which was a great injustice with the residents of these areas particularly the areas of low income groups of the society.
He said it has also been observed that in many areas the ward boys, technicians and OT Assistants of government hospitals were practicing after putting up fake certificates of homeopathic which they were practicing with allopathic medicines, while in several areas ‘Hakeems’ were also using allopathic medicines which is illegal.
The citizens urged the authorities concerned to come forward and play their role to curb the practice of unqualified persons and the provincial government should also look into the matter and ensure the eradication of the quacks. According to some reports quacks particularly unqualified dentists were spreading hepatitis and had taken lives of innocent citizens. The provincial government giving attention towards the issue should launch a comprehensive campaign against quacks.
The citizens said that a large number of quacks and unqualified dentists were working in the city and causing to spread hepatitis B and C besides playing with the lives of people. The citizens demanded an immediate action against quacks and officials who were reluctant to act against them as with their support, the quacks were playing with the lives of the people.
They urged the government to take stern action in this connection otherwise casualties from hepatitis and other diseases. The citizens alleged that some drug inspectors after taking illegal gratification were reluctant to take action against the quacks.
Special awareness campaigns should also be launched by the government to aware the masses to refrain from going to quacks in case of any ailment.