ROBERT Redford wasn’t happy when Paris Hilton crashed his Sundance Film Festival.
Redford - who founded the festival - made Hilton leave when he found out she was at the event. “She didn’t have anything to do with the films,” said the star, 75.
“What movie is she in? She and her hard-partying, swag-grabbing cohorts have made the festival not much fun. There are too many people who come to the festival to leverage their own self-interest.”
“Paris doesn’t come to Sundance for the movies,” a source added. “She’s here to pose, party and get stuff for free. This year was no different – she boozed it up, loaded up on gifts and went home richer than she came. Her 15 minutes of fame expired a long time ago, and we’re glad Robert Redford blasted her. She’s considered a joke here.”                 –SS