SIALKOT - The police have found the dead body of an unknown Indian person from River Chenab near Head Marala (Sialkot tehsil) here Sunday. The senior police officials confirmed that the dead body was of an unknown Indian person, aged 40 to 45 years. He seems to be a Sikh Indian , having Sikhs styled hair. The body also has torture signs. The police officials further confirmed that the dead body reached here at Head Marala after flowing in River Chenab from the neighbouring Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, as the water level was souring up in River Chenab due to the ongoing fresh spell of heavy rains in Sialkot region and in the catchment areas in neighbouring Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The rescuers fished out the dead body. Senior police officials said that the Government of Pakistan will soon contact the Indian High Commission in Islamabad in that matter.