QUETTA Leader of the Opposition in Senate and central secretary general Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri has said that Nawaz Sharif before specifying his agenda for Oppositions grand alliance should have taken into confidence all opposition parties. He expressed these views while talking to journalists after attending a ceremony organised in the honour of newly-elected cabinet of JUI lawyers forum here on Sunday. The JUI leader said that country was passing through a difficult phase and in such a situation all political parties should think about the country instead of their personal gains. He regretted and said the series of incidents occurring in the country like Abbottabad, Mehran Airbas and Peshawar terrorist attacks depicted that perhaps Pakistani security institutions had failed. There is no law and order in the country. Incidents of kidnapping for ransom, recovery of bullet-riddled bodies of Baloch missing persons and other incidents are regularly taking place which have disappointed the entire nation, he said adding, that perhaps institutions providing security to the people had become paralysed. Gafoor Haideri said, We haVE been begging and seeking loans for the past 63 years but our budget has always been tough for the masses. He said inflation was up by 200 per cent but only 25 per cent increase was made in the salaries of the people. Ghafoor said Pakistan and particularly Balochistan was rich in mineral resources but unfortunately no efforts were made to exploit these resources so that country and Balochistan could be developed. He said five years had been past since Gwadar Port was completed but it was yet to be functional. He said there was manifold increase to unemployment in the country which had compelled the people to adopt wrong course and indulge in criminal activities. JUI leader said Raymond Davis Blackwater network was hell bent to destroy the country. However, he conceded that there was dire need of strong Opposition in the country to steer the country out of crises. He said the Opposition was divided and divided or friendly opposition losses its importance. The JUI from the very outset had started efforts to ensure strong Opposition so that government could be kept on right track. To a question, Haideri said PML-N chief before giving his agenda of grand opposition alliance should have taken all other opposition parties into confidence. He said formation of a grand alliance depended on the attitude of PML-N leaders as during past three years they had not played a role which could result into a strong opposition. To a query, he said that JUI was not in favour of mid-term elections because in accordance with the Constitution it was the right of any political party which gets public mandate to complete its five-year tenure. Nobody had a right to remove the government, he said adding, after completion of five years of the government, the people would hold it accountable. He said if governments were changed, the democracy would suffer and the country as well. To another question, JUI leader said he was unaware of the presence of Quetta Shura or Mullah Umar and if government knew it then it should pinpoint. He said he was aware of the meeting of US Consulate officials in Quetta with different people to target some people.