LAHORE - Dr Ishratul Ebad , who is in Dubai these days, will have to stay out of the country if his party does not want him to continue occupying the office of Sindh governor anymore as part of its decision to part ways with the government. Legal experts believe that Dr Ebad will become governor as soon as he lands in the country, since his resignation has not been accepted by the President as yet, and also the latter has not appointed any new person as governor in his place. Though Sindh Assembly Speaker Nisar Khoro is performing duties as acting governor in his absence, Ishratul Ebad is still governor according to Article 101 (3) of the constitution, according to which the governor shall hold office during the pleasure of president. Since the president is not 'displeased with Dr Ishratul Ebad and his resignation has not been accepted as having been tendered to the satisfaction of the president, he will become governor the moment he enters Pakistans airspace, opined Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Ahmad Khan Khosa while talking to TheNation in his capacity as a constitutional expert. Khosa was of the view that for a resignation to be accepted, it is necessary that the president is satisfied that the resignation has been tendered by ones own free will and not under any compulsion. He further opined that Dr Ishrat should have called on the president and submitted his resignation in person for satisfaction of his appointing authority. The governor said that in the absence of any official confirmation by the presidency about the new status of Dr Ishratul Ebad , he would be considered as governor of Sindh unless and until there comes something to the contrary from the presidency. Considering the expert opinion of Governor Khosa , it is clear that Dr Ishrat will not return till issuance of any notification by the president about a new governor; or until his party takes back its decision to sit on opposition benches. If he comes back under the existing situation, he will become governor again which his party would not like at the moment. After departure of Dr Ebad to Dubai and reports of his resignation, there exists confusion about his status as governor. Though Presidential Spokesperson Farhatulla Babar has confirmed that resignation of Sindh governor has been received, the presidency is yet to come up with any clear stance about Dr Ebads current status.