LAHORE - The country can be steered out of the financial crisis within 30 days by replacing the actual currency with the introduction of incentive- based interest free bonds, claims a prominent economist Dr Niaz Ahmad Khan. Mr Khan who is also an author of various books on Islamic economic system made his claim before a gathering at a local club here on Sunday and challenged all the finance authorities and economists to prove his theory wrong and win one million dollar. Mr Khans presentation titled How to save Pakistan just in 30 days was based on the introduction of incentive-based interest free bonds that can be used by the rich and the poor alike by replacing actual currency only in government sector. Dr Niaz is originally an eye specialist, but later he did his PhD in economics, finance and business administration from the United States. Conditions applying to the bonds, he explained that the government would sell bonds in the first 30 days at the rate of six per rupee (but at least Rs 100,000 or multiple of it will get this rate). In the next 30 days Rs 100,000 will buy 500,000 bounds, in the third month the same amount will have the rate of Rs 4, he added. He further asked that 10 million duties waved off if 100 euro to State Bank account but this option will be valid for only 30 days, he said. In this way there would be no shortages of euro in Pakistan and no devaluation of PKR, he asserted. He said the surrounding countries would get imported goods from Pakistan. He predicted that by acting upon his theory the country would become business hub for re-export and this would bring much more than foreign exchange in Pakistan. He claimed that he presented his theory before the world level economists including the political leadership of Pakistan but 'they do not want to apply it because of the fear of ending their own monopoly and feudalism. No one can prove my theory wrong, but there is lack of will among our corrupt rulers. However, to a question, he asked the people to wake-up for brining revolution in Pakistan. Mr Khan sees PTI Chairman Imran Khan a 'reasonable person, however, he added quickly that renowned cricketer and outspoken politician 'now has joined hands with the foreign powers. I presented my facts before Imran Khan and he promised with me to include my proposals in his Partys manifesto but till now he has not responded to me. I am again requesting him to take my plan and spread it for peoples welfare. About 100 people in the gathering agreed with his theory however some people were surprised that how the theory could be applied on the country having 180 million people at once by replacing the existing system. A person asked Mr Niaz to choose a specific zone for applying his theory, but the speaker said, 'I choose Pakistan and the change will come from here. He said that there would be no need of foreign loans from IMF and other lending agencies and that Pakistan could become wealthiest country of the world in a month. Terrorism and suicides will end by implementing the incentive-based, interest free bonds system, five million people can get employment under bond system with no expense to the government. All taxes and duties can be removed through bonds system. Government can collect money equal to one years budget just within a month. Costs of production and living expense can be reduced to 50 per cent. Bonds system can introduce interest free banking. Incentive-based, Interest Free Bonds System can end the capitalism. This system is in line with the principles of Quran and Sunnah, he predicted. To another question, he said that telecommunication companies had already adopted this system and were offering 100 per cent profit by purchasing Rs 100 scratch cards with Rs.100 extra minutes. Various engineers, doctors, professors and scientists were present on the occasion.