KOT ADDU - Referendum in Kot Addu Power Company (Kapco) is expected on July 16. New employees union Al-Fateh has been registered. Three employees union Al-Fateh, Al-Takbeer and Al-Noor will take part in the referendum. The canvassing has been started. After every 2 years referendum is being held. Al-Takbeer union won the last referendum. Its tenure is ending on July 7. New CBA will be elected this month and its date will be finalised by labour officer Muzaffargarh. Former Al-Barq union, which was also CBA one time has been divided and its general secretary Ch Ashraf has joined Al-Takbeer union due to that new union Al-Fateh has been registered. Syed Ghazanfar Shah, chairman, Safdar Ali Jugan, president, MM Shabaaz, vice chairman and Ghulam Husain is general secretary of newly registered Al-fateh union. They all said that Ch M Ashraf proved fatal for labour and he joined Al-Takbeer union and damages Al-Barq union. They said that they will struggle and will fight for the rights of labour. Chairman added that Al-Barq union won referendum 6 times and they gave more benefits to workers. They informed that Al-Takbeer union came into power 2 times but failed to protect the rights of labour.