OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The Long Distance & International (LDI) operators are in quandary after the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in its 'Directions and Enforcement Order has suspended the licenses of some LDI operators who have alleged that the order is illegal and unconstitutional. They said that it is in blatant disregard and in contempt of stay orders issued by the Sindh High Court and the Lahore High Court restraining PTA from taking any coercive action against certain licensed operators. The Stay Orders are reported to be forwarded to the Authority and they have allegedly acted in contempt of the Stay Orders. Operators are considering on initiating contempt of court proceedings against Chairman PTA, Member Technical and Director General Commercial Affairs before the Sindh High Court under Article 204 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. They said that the Sindh High Court passed an order on July 1, 2011 wherein the court suspended enforcement of the Authoritys Directions with immediate effect and further directed the Authority not to create any hindrance for operators in providing services as per their Licenses. The Court Order was delivered to the Authority before on July 1, 2011 for immediate action. The sources in the LDI operators said that authoritys actions are causing irreparable damage to operators businesses. Other than monetary losses, Operators are facing considerable loss of market share, customer confidence and business reputation, which in itself is tantamount to a cause of action against the Authority under the law. It is to be noted that earlier the Islamabad High Court had dismissed writ petitions and appeals filed by LDI operators against the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on the issue of Payment of Access Promotion Contribution (APC) for the Universal Service Fund (USF) Regime. In the said writ petitions the LDI operators had challenged the constitutionality and legality of the APC Regime as well as the enforcement orders and Show Cause Notices issued by PTA. The LDI operators in their petitions had prayed for a declaration to the effect that the Access Promotion Rules, 2004 issued by Government are ultra vires.