KARACHI - The sacked employees of Pakistan Agriculture and Research Council (PARC) appealed to the federal government and PPP leadership to intervene to save their services on humanity basis. The sacked employees also decided to meet with the senior leadership of ruling PPP to brief them about the deteriorating affairs of PARC and will pleaded their case for restoration of their services. The sacked employees accused on current administration of PARC of nepotism, claiming that the positions would be re-advertised to accommodate some people on political grounds. According to Azhar Qureshi, former consultant on date project of PARC , among the sacked employees, employees were terminated within hours without any reason or prior notice as many of the terminated workers have served PARC for three to four years. He alleged that the incumbent PARC chairman acting as a rubber stamp of some political bigwigs and mafia in PARC succeeded in their nefarious designs to terminate about 269 employees of PARC inducted by the former Chairman of council.