LAYYAH - A newly-wed free will marriage couple who was kidnapped by her parents in the presence of police from the entrance of court was recovered by the police within two hours on the court orders. As per detail, Hanifa Bibi, a resident of 176/10R Khanewal contracted marriage with Muhammad Bashir, a resident of Chak 492/TDA district Layyah on her own free will. They file an application in the District and Sessions court Layyah, submitting that her parents were against their marriage and they wanted to kill her husband. They requested the court to provide them protection against the life threats. However, when the couple was going to appear in the court, some 25 to 30 people appeared all of sudden and whisked them away from the entrance of the court. The lawyers protested against the action and complained to the District and Sessions judge. At which the court ordered the police officers, arrest the kidnapper and recover the couple within five hours or get ready for going to jail. The Layyah City Police SHO launched a hunt for the couple and cordoned off all intra-district roads. After struggling for two hours, the police managed the arrest the kidnappers and recovered the couple.