HAFIZABAD - Due to ill-planning while metalling/resurfacing of roads, want of proper desilting of open drains and lack of proper supervision by sanitation staff, the recent monsoon spell caused problems to the citizens as the rain water accumulated on different roads and streets and in some areas even gushed into the houses. In some areas, water in drains flow upstream. Sundays rain created problems for the citizens as the sanitation staff was on holiday. The TMA should depute its staff on holidays particularly during rainy days so as to unchoke sewerage and drains to provide some relief to the citizens. By spending millions, recently some roads including Darbar Road was resurfaced but according to experts substandard bitumen was used, these could not withstand even the pre-monsoon rain a week back. Some inhabitants have also caused problems to the TMA as they have raised level in front of their residences as a result of which rainwater submerged the roads and reduced their lives. The TMA should take action against such citizens who have raised the level in front of their dwellings.