OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The Central Shura of the JI has called upon the rulers to cut down their lavish spending and bring their wealth abroad back to the country in order to tide over the current economic situation. A resolution passed by the Shura impressed upon the government to adopt policy of self-reliance to free the country from the clutches of the IMF and the World Bank. It also suggested the use of Thar Coal to produce electricity. The JI central body stressed upon the President and the Prime Minister to undertake their foreign visits by ordinary flights and also slash the day to day expenditure of the Presidency and the Prime Minister House. The Shura also demanded withdrawal of the fresh sales tax on agricultural inputs besides reducing the federal cabinet to a half besides recovery of the written off loans of the influential people amounting to billions of rupees. Citing figures to indicate the deterioration of the countrys economy under the present government, the Shura noted that during the three years of Prime Minister Gilani government, the percentage of population below poverty line had gone down from 28.4 to 41.2. During this period, the price of sugar had risen by 152 per cent, Maash pulse by 122 per cent, meat by 88 per cent, milk price by 86 per cent and wheat price by 46 per cent.