ELLAH ABAD - Ten robbers shot at and injured a woman during house robbery and made off with cash, gold ornament and other valuables worth hundreds of thousands of rupees here the other night. As per detail, 10 robbers entered the house of Muhammad Munir, son of Shabbir Ahmed, a resident of Kot Ehl-e-Hadees, a suburban area of Ellah Abad. After scaling the wall of the house, the culprits held Munir Ahmed and his family members hostage and collected Rs50,000, 4 tola gold ornaments and others valuable from the house. The culprits also torched the family members. The wife of Munir tried to resist them at which one of the culprits opened fire at her due to which she sustained injuries. Meanwhile, the villagers came out of their house after hearing to the gunshots. A brief shootout took place between the culprits and the villagers. However, the bandits fled away from the scene. The police registered a case and arrested two of the culprits from Ellah Abad with the help of sniffer dogs.