LONDON - A painting presented by President Asif Ali Zardari to British Prime Minister David Cameron during his visit here last week has been termed 'bizarre, with a leading British tabloid recommending that it be hung in a toilet in 10 Downing Street. The painting is based on a widely-published photograph of Cameron, his wife Samantha and daughter Florence, when she was born on 10 August last year. Aides of Zardari were snapped carrying the painting into 10 Downing Street, when Zardari visited the prime ministers office-cum-residence last week. Calling the painting 'bizarre and an example of 'tacky offerings made by world leaders, the Daily Mail on Sunday said: But President Asif Ali Zardari does not appear to have understood quite how the etiquette works. It added: Critics claim something similar could be knocked out with the help of a computer within a day. Zardari is in London on a visit to discuss enhancing Pak-UK partnership in trade and investment. The report began by stating that 'one can only imagine David Camerons reaction when he saw the gift... one for the downstairs loo perhaps. While some readers agreed with the tabloids recommendation that the painting be placed in the toilet, others complimented the quality of the painting. Some readers chose to link the painting to the foreign aid that Britain gives to Pakistan. JB wrote: Its got to be worth 480 million pounds; thats what Dave gave to Pakistan, while Pete added: Basically what were getting in return for millions in foreign aid. Great deal