KARACHI - Pakistani builders have vast opportunities for a profitable business in Turkey . Pakistani builders & developers may be benefited due to their experience and expertise in the rapid developing economy of Turkey .
This was stated by Hussain Demirdelen Secretary General Pak Turk Businessman Association while addressing members of Association of Builders & Developers at Abad House.
On the occasion project manager of association Saydat Tajlaq and Abdul Kareem Ogaz focused on different aspect of Turkish economy.
Muhammad Hassan Bakshi Chairman Southern Region highlighted the trip to Turkey by members builder of ABAD. He said that Pakistani builders have started business in Turkey . One of our members has completed a project of one hundred flats and also started another project of two hundred flats.
Junaid Ashraf Taloo Chairman ABAD said that we have the best friendship relations with our brother Islamic country. Now the builders should go a step forward to another country other than Dubai. He further informed that in the month of August 2015, a convention of all builders and developers will be held to exchange views and possibilities to start project with international joint collaboration.
Muhammad Hanif Memon Vice Chairman ABAD said that the trip to Turkey by our members was successful where they were able to know about Turkish market. He added that Pakistani builders always maintained quality in construction, so they are also successful in foreign countries.
Muhammad Hassan Bakshi Chairman Southern Region said that Pakistani builders can easily work in Turkey . Pakistanis are respected and feel themselves at home over there. Heavy investment is not required in Turkey for construction project because opportunities of joint venture are available on wide scale. The local investors provide land as their share in equity on 50 percent profit sharing basis which is also negotiable to construct residential and commercial projects.
Junaid Ashraf Taloo Chairman ABAD presented souvenir to Farigh Nadeem & Rameez Qasim Gaziani in recognition of their dedication and outstanding performance to make the trip memorable for delegation members.