By Abbira Hassan

As in today’s society every wrong act is done proudly and openly, so why can’t we talk about such acts, and guide the victims openly. It's our duty to stop each and every wrong thing with every possible way. So excuse me, please! Can I take a few minutes from your busy schedule? Because I want to talk about serious issue that I am hearing from a very long time and witnessing since my first day of university. I don’t want to attack anyone, it’s just my point of view and I hope that you will think about it for once at least. Each and every second boy/girl is in a relationship with someone, that relationship which is not acceptable in our society and above that which is not acceptable in our religion. I just want to ask, How?

How can we forget about our religion, our values, our respect, our parent’s respect, how?  From a very young age, we used to listen that "Our respect is in our own hands." then how so easily we can disrespect ourselves? Some of us make these relations secretly and keep everything about them secretive. If the youngsters are sure of their acts then why the need to keep them secret arise? It is because they understand that at this young age, being in a relationship is premature and wrong. They know that if they were on the right track then they would not have to hide it from the world.

Our parents sacrifice their whole life, their own happiness for the sake of our happiness. They fight with the society for us. They dream for us, live for us and even die for us but what are we giving them in return? Have you ever thought about it? We met a girl/boy for a couple of weeks, how those few weeks, months can take place of those 18 to 19 years that our parents lived for us?

And if they had a breakup or some kind of problems in their relationship, they start using drugs, sleeping pills and in extreme cases, try committing suicide. You are doing this for a guy or a girl you know for a few months, like seriously? Then what about your family that you know from the very first day of your life? Are you doing justice with your family?

I want an answer. Because at least for me, my family, my parents, their respect, their honour, my religion, my values are everything for me. A lot of men will come and go, but I can't break my family rules for them.

I know right now all of you want to say that, see you are not experienced in this so you will not understand how these feelings develop and all and there is nothing you can do about it. So my dear friends as Allah blessed us with heart he also blessed us with brains. Think about this, and ask yourself are you on right track? After this, can you face your society, your family and your Allah, confidently?

So, now it's your turn to ask yourself the same questions? Because it's better late than never. 

Published in Young Nation magazine on January 7, 2017