By Dua Khawar

Once upon a time there lived a mother goat with her three sons, Je, Jone and Jack. One day mother goat wanted to go for shopping, so she said to her sons "Don't open the door till I come back." Her sons nodded their heads in approval. So relaxed from their response, she went shopping. A wolf was eavesdropping the whole conversation between mom goat and her sons. As the mother left, he knocked at the door and asked for permission to enter. The sons being suspicious, asked him to come closer and show his hands before opening the door. The wolf replied, ok and showed his hands. The sons recognized that it was not their mother’s hand. They said, “You are not our mother because our mother's hand is white.” Upon hearing that, the wolf ran away and threw flour on his body than he again knocked and again said the same thing. The sons again said to asked him to show hand, he again showed the sons said, "If you don't mind can you say something?" He said, Hi, Hi. Again dissatisfied by his voice, the sons again said, “Our mother's voice is sweet but your voice is sharp.” The wolf run away fast and then he ate too much sugar that his voice turned very sweet. He again knocked and said the same thing and they again listened his voice and saw his body they decided to open the door and they did. Suddenly the wolf came inside and ate Je and Jone but Jack was hiding, so wolf left him when mom goat came, she asked Jake about what happened here? Jake told all the story her mom was very sad, angry and tensed. She went to the wolf and cut wolf's tummy with her horns and took out Je and Jone she was very angry and the son's were feeling shame.

Moral: "Never listen to strangers"

Published in Young Nation magazine on January 7, 2017