By Sabene Rizvi

11th December,2016

Dear diary,

Today, I woke up and I made breakfast and I ate it without waiting for another minute. Then, I played outside on the swings and slides while mama washed my clothes. I decided to kickback and relax; so, I lied down in my bed and relaxed and watched videos on YouTube; then mama gave me two more birthday presents I wasn’t expecting at all. I opened the bags and in there was such a beautiful dress that I decided to wear it to my school party on 23rd December. The other one was a really thick, cat looking sleeping suit, and I am obsessed with cats and dogs because I am an animal lover.My dog, Argos, has an eyesight issue but it has not made my love for him any less then before because I love him for the way he is, and especially because my dog has always fights his natural instincts as he never harms a stray cat, or even any cat. He is one dog to be proud of.

Good Night diary,


Published in Young Nation magazine on January 7, 2017