Imran Mukhtar & Usman CheemaISLAMABAD - In a rare show of roughness and highhandedness, some FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) officials led by a senior officer of Ministry of Interior Monday evening barged into the main offices of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), harassed two of its top officials and tried to arrest them without having any lawful authority, TheNation has learnt.The reason behind the whole ‘drama’ is being described as the internal tussle between Director General (Enforcement/ Human Resource), Sajjad Latif Awan, and two members of the PTA over the use of powers and the former using his clout managed the Interior Ministry as well as FIA to threaten the latter.“The two members of PTA - member (Technical) and member (Finance) are trying to lodge a harassment and abduction complaint with the Secretariat Police Station,” a source close to the two officers said. The officials of the country’s top oversight authority- PTA- over the mobile cellular companies operating in Pakistan are much harassed after the scenes created by FIA officials that accompanied DG (Enforcement/HR) Sajjad Latif Awan at the main PTA headquarters, located in the Red Zone and close to the Parliament House.According to details, some persons, in plain cloths as well as in uniform both and armed with weapons, entered the main building of PTA while driving three vehicles. The persons while using the lift reached the 5th floor of the PTA offices and one of them introduced himself as the senior official of the Ministry of the Interior and the others as the FIA officials and forcefully entered the offices of Member (Finance) PTA Syed Nasrullah Karim Ghaznavi and Member (Technical) Dr Khawar Siddique Khokhar. DG Sajjad Latif Awan accompanied those officials of FIA , an informed source said.The officials roughed up both the members, snatched their mobile phones and tried to arrest them, saying they were allegedly involved in misuse of power. However, the other officials of the authority also reached the scene and sought arrest warrants, which they could not produce. After some time they left the PTA Headquarters.A senior official of the PTA wishing not to be named confirmed the whole episode and said that FIA officials along with an official of the Ministry of Interior had come at the main building at around 4:00pm and they misbehaved and harassed the two senior members. He termed it an abduction case. Well-placed sources in PTA said that the main reason behind the whole scene was a tussle between DG (Enforcement/HR) and two members of the Authority after Chairman PTA Farooq Awan was removed unceremoniously from his post by the Establishment Division on January 15 in the light of a decision given by the Lahore High Court (LHC), that declared his appointment illegal.According to the details sought by TheNation, the two members want to exercise the powers of the chairman as the post was lying after the removal of former chairman while DG (Enforcement) is of the view that they cannot exercise the powers of the chairman. While the members understand that they can exercise the powers of the authority, as the chairman was the authority. Under the PTA Act, PTA had three members having equal powers and one of them is appointed as chairman. by the federal government Interesting, Sajjad Latif Awan was a very powerful person in PTA during the stint of former chairman and had held three positions at the same time and that were DG human resource, law and enforcement.Sources privy to the development said that the affairs of the PTA became worse when both the members using their powers made some transfer/postings in PTA and DG Awan refused to accept such orders. Another senior official of the Authority said that Cabinet Division had also issued orders barring the two members to use any powers of transfer/postings, however, this information could not be confirmed from independent sources.DG (Enforcement) Sajjad Awan talking to The Nation said that he had been made an official on special duty (OSD) through an official order on Friday and he held no charge of any important assignment. “On Monday, I was out of the office for some personal reasons and when I came back, I saw the some person with their vehicles standing in the premises of PTA building who introduced me as FIA officials,” he added. He said that the officials asked him the exact the location of the offices of Member (Finance) and Member (Technical) and he accompanied them to only show them these offices.“I have heard that they (members) were accused of misuse of power but surely this is not FIA case,” he said adding that had no relation with this incident. He totally denied that the FIA officials did all this with his connivance. Mohammad Saqlain, duty officials in Secretariat Police said that they had received no complaint in this regard. A senior officer of the FIA requesting anonymity said that he was not privy to any such development.